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Shoplifting Prevention Solutions

If you are experiencing loss due to booster bag theft or unauthorized tag removal we recommend to upgrade your shoplifting prevention with our Metal and Magnet Detection systems. We offer several solutions that range from simple foil-bag detection to advanced programmable systems that combine booster bag, magnetic detacher, and AM jammer detection with visitor counting and remote service. A discreet and cost-effective method of protecting your merchandise from professional shoplifters is to integrate our MMS systems.

Our Metal and Magnet Detection systems are also designed to be placed next to other EAS systems when upgrading the security of your existing stores. A visual deterrent can also play an important role in keeping shoplifters away!

Today's shoplifters are none other than sticky-fingered thieves wreaking havoc on a retailer's bottom line. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer 2011, "shoplifting and organized retail crime cost retailers $51.5 billion in 2011 (43.2% of total shrinkage)." Unfortunately, that number is up over 13% from the previous year, affecting nearly every retail market. As a retailer, understanding the total financial impact shoplifting has on your business is the first step. Prevention is the second equally crucial step. Retailers least impinged are those actively engaged in prevention. In fact, the most successful retailers are deterring shoplifters by implementing proven solutions such as source tagging, inventory tracking and video surveillance. These preventative technologies can help ensnare shoplifters and allow you to regain your store profits.

Profitability through Prevention — One proven approach to improve your store's performance is to effectively manage losses. With retail shrink at a staggering level, retailers are aggressively implementing preventative solutions to regain their sales profits. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer 2011, "shoplifting and organized retail crime cost retailers $51.5 billion (43.2% of total shrinkage), and internal theft cost $41.7 billion (35.0% of shrinkage)." While pain points associated with shrink remain top priority, creating an engaging shopping experience is also an ongoing challenge. Today, forward-thinking retailers choose Tyco Retail Solutions to make a positive impact on their business. Our broad portfolio of loss prevention solutions enables retailers to secure assets, improve customer loyalty and increase profitability.